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Digita Scientia is National company providing digital products and services, IoT, Digital Scientific training and consulting.

Support by professional team members from various science and technology backgrounds to provide solutions to improve quality and productivity in the Environment, Agriculture, Food, Mining, Energy, Research, and Education.

We are innovating to increase global competitiveness by collaborating with all potential resources to accelerate Indonesia’s becoming a world-class leader.


Our best value will support your business processes by ensuring validated systems, application expertise, close and fast response

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Strong local support for the training, repair and maintenance services you need to ensure your laboratory remains at the highest level of performance.

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Our Leaders

We create values, collaborate with diverse resources, and accelerate people to become a world-class competitive organization.

Agus Gunawan

Business Development

Experienced in Digital Scientific Innovation & Business Development.

Karlina Maulida

Research Development

Expert in Data Science & Machine Learning for Scientific Research & Industries.

Hasan Al Marzaq

Technology development

Smart & Creative Professional in Digital Scientific Technology Development.

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"Transform Today Ideas for Brighter Tomorrow"

Define Problem
Sharing & Discussion to Define Problems and Challenges.
Designing Solution
Carefully validate facts, thoughts and ideas to design solutions.
Precise Development
Develop the right solution at the right time.
Continous Improvement
Keep updated with current and future challenges.

Our Solutions

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Health & Enviro

Improving the quality of health services and preserving the environment.

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Mineral & Metal

Increasing productivity and efficiency of mineral and metal downstream processes.

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Food & Agri

Improving the quality and competitiveness of Food & Agri products according to international standards.

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Cosmetic & Pharma

Improving the quality and competitiveness of Cosmetic & Pharma products according to international standards.

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Encourage increased use of green energy effectively and efficiently.

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Research & Education

Encouraging the growth of innovation and improving the quality of education.

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We Offer a Wide
Variety Products & Services

LIMS | ELN for Smart Laboratories

Digitalize Your QA/QC or Research Laboratory to Improve Productivity, Quality & Efficiency.

Internet of Things (IoT) for Smart Laboratories

Monitor and control Your Process and ensure Your Real-time Results to Improve Effectivity, Productivity and Efficiency.

Field Mobile App for Sampling & Onsite Analysis

Update Every Important Data Whenever and Wherever You Are, Even in the Remote Area.

Data Analytics for Smart Laboratories & Industries

Transform your Data in to Knowledge to Improve Your Business Performance.

Machine Learning & AI for Smart Laboratories & Industries

Crafting Your Data to Re-Engineer Your Business Process Transformation.

Digital Science-Tech Training & Consulting

Accelerate Your People & Organization to Excel for Future Challenges.

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We are Trusted by:

Poltek AKA Bogor
Poltek AKA Bogor
AKA Bogor Polytechnic, previously known as the Academy of Analytical Chemistry (AKA), was founded in 1959. AKA Bogor Polytechnic is a tertiary institution within the Ministry of Industry, AKA is declared a higher education institution that provides professional education for the Diploma III program majoring in Chemical Analysis. In 2015, AKA changed its status to AKA Bogor Polytechnic.
SKY Pacific Indonesia
SKY Pacific Indonesia
Environmental Lab
PT Sky Pacific Indonesia is an Environment Test Laboratory established in Bogor in 2009 and registered as Environment Test Laboratory with the Ministry of Environment and Forestry of the Republic of Indonesia No. 0075/LPJ/LABLING-1/LRK/KLHK. We analyze water, soil, air, and gas samples for accurate and precise results.
Balai Besar Keramik
Balai Besar Keramik
Research Lab
Founded by the Dutch colonial government, it was named Het Keramische Lab. In 1942, when Japan ruled this country, the name was changed to Toki Yogyo Shikenjo, which means ceramic laboratory. After Indonesia proclaimed its independence in 1945, this institution was taken over by the government of the Republic of Indonesia and its name was changed to the Ceramic Research Institute. In 2006 the name changed to Balai Besar Ceramics (BBK).
Clinical Lab
Equitrust Laboratory is an independent organization under PT Kimia Farma Diagnostika (PT KFD) which was established in Jakarta, Indonesia on September 1st, 2020. Offer various tests including bioequivalence studies both in-vivo and in vitro that are used to assess the equivalence of two proprietary preparations of a drug, we also provide high-quality data from trials conducted by highly trained and experienced staff in advanced and modern facilities.